Sinothando Creche


Sinothando Creche is an NPO based in Shakas Head, Ballito. Sinothando is a community day care centre which had roughly 121 learners attending it in 2018, the year Umpheme worked with them. The creche is available for children aged two months to five years, fulfilling an important role in the community by providing a place to take care of the children, feed them regular meals and run an aftercare, as many of the children’s mothers work as domestic workers in Ballito. In an attempt to lighten their load and improve the overall safety of the creches, Umpheme built a container kitchen for Sinothando, as they were cooking in the same room in which they took care of the children. Furthermore, Umpheme built a fully kitted kitchen with a stove and shelving area. By installing the creches kitchen, Umpheme has played a direct role in ensuring the physical safety of the children and has helped make providing them with wholesome daily meals a lot easier.


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